Friday, March 15, 2013

Pyramid progress...updated

Indeed we have made progress. Thatching and the floor, now on, finishing touches and the opening is on 22- March...the spring equinox.

The frame completed with 'cariso' (riverside bamboo-like reed) ready to take on the thatch 
From the centre to the apex. As cool as it gets.....muy bien.

Triangular east entry

That first row of thatch....paha de cana (cane fronds), a notable moment

learning the trade......a time worn profession and one that is dying in the Valley of Longevity

Projects like ours help revive and keep alive the tradition....

And then the floor, mostly tierra used for making adobe, water with white glue, and two handfuls of cement per wheel-barrow load.

Goes on liquidy, level it and trowel it smooth

I think we nailed it.

Only time will tell if we got this part right!
The Flower of Life awakens

An art collaboration

3.06m diamter......a powerful and beautiful sight to behold

The walls are covered with a natural red earth, revestired with a paste of water, white glue and a hit of cement.
Will last for years.

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