Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dive blog- Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands


Two dives off Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands

Advanced group of 5 clients and US dive master trained in Thailand.

Dive Notes:

Dive photographer from the US sadly lost his camera using a head mount in a strong current section of Dive 1. He also lost a fin. No photos and a photographer going around in circles!

Dive 1 had several areas of thermal clines where you could not only feel the dramatic temperature difference where frigid water entered the warmer current but you could see it as a blurry current. 

Dive 2 had strong currents and we ended the dive ascending close to the cliffs of Isla Tortuga and the resultant buffeting challenged getting back to the boat anchored off-shore.

Dive 1.                                        Dive 2
Quatro Hermanos.                      Isla Tortuga

10am.         Time in.         12pm
17.1m.         Max depth.          18.3m
11m.        Av. Depth.        12.8m
21C.        Water temp.         22C
12m.         Visibility.         6-8m
47min.         Dive time.         49min
1hr 6 min Surface interval between dives


High cloud, 25C, windy.


Ocean choppy, low swell, 20C


7mm full body wetsuit, hood, booties, 4x 1.5kg weights


Land and Air: Tropic Bird, Seal Lion, Marine Iguana

Barracuda, Snake eel, Grunts, Tiger fish, Parrot fish, Octopus, Great moray eel, Puffer fish

Diamond Sting Ray, Spotted Scorpion fish, Pacific Great Turtles

Personal Rating:

5/10 Low visibility and cold water temperatures detracted from a better dive. Won't even dare to compare. Diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean cannot be compared to the Red Sea, the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Siam, etc....!

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