Thursday, May 24, 2012

(good-bye) party time

Dear Friends,

All good things come to an end and in the case of our 3+ yr stay in Lebanon we will depart after school ends, sometime before 15 July.

Beirut has its ups and downs but one thing for sure it attracts amazing and eclectic people like you whom we were so lucky to have met. We would like to spend this evening to celebrate the good memories and, since ends mark new beginnings, as a promise of more good times together in the future... wherever we end up!

The myriad issues that crop up here challenge the intellect, mental space and emotional tolerance levels and certainly bring like-minded folk closer together.

And so on Saturday June 16 at 8pm, lets come together at our Sky Club, on the roof of Garden Tower in Hamra for an evening of indulgence "a la libanaise" (thats food, music, and dance right?)!

RSVP to me by June 9 with how many you will be and i'll send directions to who needs them.


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