Thursday, November 10, 2011

The new reality next door....some call it progress

This has been going on all week they start at 07h45 in the morning!
Turn up your VOLUME for the full effect
(pictures/video shot from our terrace)
This tree (upper left) survived how many wars but couldn't survive the peace.

What I discovered in my efforts to 'save the tree' is that actually (and I really resisted believing this for the longest time), its true,
no one cares, not one local person stepped up to help in a meaningful way and I spread the word quite widely and through one helpful media contact. 

This is one of the last trees remaining on this street and one of few in the city.

Bludgeoned to death by a back-hoe. Thankfully we were out of town when the deed was done.
Grey, the predominant colour.

Noisy, dusty, blocks the street, apparently going down 5 storeys 
Only 6 months to go?

....and they call this progress!? 
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